$450 PER CARD?! 😳2020 Immaculate Basketball


In today’s video we rip open an entire case of 2020 Immaculate Basketball. This stuff is super high end. Can we get lucky?

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  1. Phil's Pulls says

    I know the case was bad. Thanks for the reminder guys

  2. ThatsmeJonG OKCJONG says

    Trash 🗑 🚮 🗑 🚮 🗑

  3. Cayden Neuzil says

    You can see how much he’s shaking

  4. Cayden Neuzil says

    Are u selling the tins

  5. Lake Ozark REI says

    I keep hearing how everybody's getting into sports card investing now!! This sh*t is all SPECULATING …. NOT INVESTING! I'll hang on to my T206, 33' Goldens and HOF collections… you know… PROVEN commodities lol

  6. Lake Ozark REI says

    Lmao!! It's seriously entertaining seeing how surprised a lot of people still are that paying $13,000 for a box of 30 cards ISN'T A GREAT DEAL!🤣 Paninis laughing all the way to the fu*ing bank.. lol

  7. Jason Wnuk says

    Is the Kidd/Carter dual going on eBay? Or is it for sale? Looking to add to my Kidd PC.

  8. Nathan Collingsworth says

    By the way, congrats on your 1000th strikeout

  9. Ehren Paul says

    Still a garbage case

  10. Charlie Child says


  11. Harley Miles says

    I like the Coby White.

  12. KB9GGl says

    You put more effort in editing the video then panini did in making this product. Thank You!

  13. xMendes says

    Id purchase a mat!

  14. Zachary Czech says

    They left some gum on the tread.

  15. Zachary Czech says

    They should have goggle relics in the acetate.

  16. Superman04p says

    Prior to watching… 3rd spot might just have a good hit…
    After the break…. Uhhh not so much… Lol
    Still a good vid Phil !

  17. Grant Hutchinson says

    Love HOU17CHEAT

  18. Stephen Saldivar says

    big yikes

  19. T K says

    i can never see myself buying this product. immaculate looks lame absolutely horrible look. a digital card as well. omfg panini. 3 good cards. wow.

  20. JaySabz says

    Card collecting in 2020: Median US household income per year after taxes: $52k. Case of Immac – 1/4 of that.

  21. N C says


  22. C K says

    I wish I had 13,000 hands to give this video 13,000 thumbs down

  23. Retro Geek Rescue says

    Another 19/20 product from Panini? They are really milking this draft class. That's what, 34? 35? At the rate they're going they're going to be releasing 19/20 product until 2023

  24. Jackie Chapman says


  25. Lapp Dog says

    One box I saw opened had a Rui Hachimura auto, Kristaps Porzingis auto /5, Larry bird auto, and Tim Duncan shoe relic. So not all boxes are bad. They can’t have stars as every one of the cards in everyone’s box.

  26. sledneckstevoo says

    Sticker autos in a 3000 dollar box is no good… I would never buy these ones at that price thanks Phil for reviewing these now we know lol

  27. RL says

    not worth it

  28. MS Harris says

    That Varejao was a THROWBACK if it's available lmk

  29. Steve O Rondinelli says

    You gotta Lebron,a nice Giannis antetokounmpo redemption & some other nice cards but this was an overall pretty disappointing case.
    Great video/break as always Phil!

  30. Adam McDonald says

    I was impressed you could still read the cards at the end after getting skull f$&ked by panini so hard 😂 hope you have better luck next break Phil!

  31. Jimbo Tide says

    $13,000 flop!!!!! Great way to spend Frankie Jr's college fund.

  32. A W says

    That was brutal to watch… Those boxes are supposed to sell between 400.00 to 600.00. Panini is not putting grade A autos or jerseys in this product. Keep the Greek and Doyumba and ship the entire case back to Panini and tell them they owe you 10,000. Every box should have at least a star auto In it for the price.

  33. xxxjakesxxx says

    Yes! I’m in for the mat!

  34. Natte Ice says

    That case was pure doo doo. Panini is trash its really inexcusable to have a case that bad

  35. Joshua Bell says


  36. Robert Smith says

    Wow…crushing. Can’t win them all but that case was a straight kick in the wedding tackle. Best of luck on the next one!

  37. Avery Mincey says

    Imagine dropping 13 racks for it to be that.

  38. brewer1174 says

    If you have more mats available I would like one

  39. Texas John says

    🎲🎲 Snake Eyes

  40. Jason Forsythe says

    H O R R I B L E

  41. Bryce Cowin says

    I’d grab a mat

  42. Galen Murray says


  43. Alex Bailey says

    I’d buy a mat forsure

  44. michael whittemore says

    I’m sorry Phil lol

  45. Matt W- JediApple says

    For as high end this product is, sticker autos shouldn't be used. It looks so cheap

  46. Brettfan 05 says

    I have your card on Bunt….well, one of your cards on there.

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