4 Levels of Biscuits: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Shariff, home cook Julie, and professional chef Danielle Alex of Diversity Kitchen – to bake us their best batch of biscuits. Once each level of chef had finished and tasted their final product, we asked food scientist Rose to explain their choices from an expert’s perspective. Which biscuits are you putting in your basket?

Julie is on instagram at @jb2960
Chef Danielle is on Instagram at @danielleginet
Find Shariff at @mrshariffsinclair
Follow Rose at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

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4 Levels of Biscuits: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  1. Nicholas McNutt says

    And not one mention of White Lily is a biscuit fail

  2. custum FURY says

    i love Julie she my favorite.

  3. custum FURY says

    always makes me laugh when level one says something they think is a fact and one of the other cooks corrects them .

  4. BoycottNCSoft says

    All of them sound great.

  5. Brendan Bush says

    The second I saw Julie, I knew the chives were comin'. But chives are one of my fav things too so no judgement here

  6. Nicole Beverly says

    Good day, I throughly enjoy these videos. Thank you 😊 I love learning new cooking techniques. The level 1 cook’s biscuits outcome should be level 3. He prepared the iconic way biscuits are served; looked so delicious 🤤. I don’t agree with the level 3 cook for serving warm delicious biscuits with a cold uncooked fruit sauce 🤔

  7. Christina Brown says

    I used make biscuits with my grandmother she used shorting they were amazing I miss her this video made me emotional

  8. Joseph Kyzar says

    GIVE ME 1 & 2

  9. Max Guimaraes says

    UK here, was wondering where the biscuits were as these chefs were making scones. Learnt today that Americans call Scones biscuits. When will the US stop with the butchery of our language

  10. Chantal Campbell says

    'Uniformity is boring'-Ms. Julie 2020

  11. 0ceanicify says

    So, UK biscuits are US cookies & US biscuits are UK scones. Got it.

  12. samantha Fitzgerald says

    The level 3 chef made English jam and cream scones

  13. FondDot says

    Okay hear me out. Is it just me or is it a little weird that every single episode with any food that is racially stereotyped to be a “black” food has an entirely black cast? Just an idea, we don’t have to profile food under races anymore lmao it’s 2020 the only food I profile is rice because only Asians and Latinos make it right.

  14. mastercleanseNOTdiet says

    I would like to have Julie's biscuits as an appetizer
    Sherif's biscuits for dinner &
    Danielle's biscuits for desert😂💕

  15. roomforlove says

    No amateur here

  16. Alexandra Williams says

    British people are just confused rn (myself included)

  17. Cosmic says

    Julie and Frank and Alonzo are the G.O.A.T

  18. Intellectual TrashCan says


  19. Donnel Dockery says

    Yardie in the house 🙌🏾🇯🇲 talk about the fried dumplings Ms. Julie!

  20. Samory Giwa says

    I'm a cooker not a baker…

  21. Taylor Ball says

    Are the recipes posted anywhere?

  22. Rhyan White says

    Shariff gave me life! We need more of him!

  23. Ethan Logue says

    Wondering how a level went from cooking a meatball hamburger and undercooking it to this

  24. melina rose says

    julie’s so cute i love her

  25. falsenames says

    Drop all three of these in front of me, and I'd grab Shariff's 95% of the time. As soon as he started up with the sausage gravy like I made today, my mouth watered. How is he still listed as Level 1??? With those biscuits'n'gravy (yes, it's one word) from his grandma's recipe… I love his grandma.

  26. Martin Pettersen Langebraaten says

    4 levels of Quesedilla's, please!

  27. hola soy mermista says

    can we agree that lorenzo and frank are the community favourites
    i mean frank is hilarious and also very profesisonal ( by hilarious i mean h ebasically brings his own cow and turns it into a steak )
    lorenzo is bubbly and just a nice guy.

  28. Abhijeet Gupta says

    I really do not like the level 3 chef please bring Gordon Ramsay back

  29. TrustNotMyHeart says

    Keep Shariff at level 1 he gives the rest of us level 0s hope!

  30. TrustNotMyHeart says

    The 'NO' head shake says it all.

  31. Dash The 6 says

    Shareef should have been level 2 in this video. Biscuits with gravy on point. Cold butter, cutting with knives as to not melt it, folding the dough, not overworking it. Level this man up

  32. spam says

    Are biscuits American scones?

  33. Laughing Gas says

    Howcome the level 3 chefs always make the same food my dad makes normally every day :p

  34. Christina Evans says

    Totally stealing that gravy recipe

  35. ItsYaBoi Duhh says

    The grandma should be level 3 she has expeeience

  36. Krista Erin says

    Shariff, Julie, Danielle, plus Rose = the dream team 🙂

  37. zzzzHUHzzzz says

    WTH is Shariff doing in the Level 1 Chef category? There was no ketchup in his biscuit.

  38. Throttle Fusion says


  39. FairyFreak100 says

    That is one handsome guy and a very impressive level 1 chef.

  40. FrostyJ1 says

    Wait I don't think there is a level one chief on this one?

  41. lilili lululu says

    Strange, there's no mistake or any critics? Unusual

  42. Adrian XCX says

    The delicious BBC 🤤😋

  43. Omnipotent Mama says

    That gravy needs to come with a doctor's warning. As yummy as that looks, it would take me a year to work off those calories.

  44. Courtney says

    okay now that the level 1 chefs are getting better we may have to create a new level: emily

  45. XXKNnelty04 says

    The professional chef actually says stuff what my HE teacher (cooking in school) so I guest that means my teacher is good

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