3Steps to Mental Health (T-TiME Season 1 Episode 5)


In the final episode of T-TiME, we talk about 3Ts ‘3Steps to Mental Health’: An easy way to make sure you know the signs.

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  1. Ryan Darkfold says

    This was such an awesome series, I so loved all the topics, really important and not enough talked about.
    I hope we'll see more on this in the future.

  2. Kyle Ruempler says

    Thank you for organizing this James!!! So so so important, and even if we all think we understand mental health, there's so much below the surface, and I'm glad you and Claire are bringing this to light <3

  3. Gina D. Torres says

    Great episode again 🙂 There is indeed still a stigma around mental health issues. I live in the states and I write a blog. I talk about many personal things on there, including my mental health experiences. Whenever I post about times depression, anxiety or dark thoughts, I still fear judgement. I still have that feeling in my stomach that a reader will see me as damaged, weak or broken. I know the fear of what someone will think of me has kept me quiet when I really needed to be asking for help.

    I work with a lady who has anxiety and we relate to each other on several aspects of anxiety. I am able to talk with her about my mental health issues and she understands. The tips you gave about broaching mental health topics with someone were great. And I agree, an ice breaker will make someone in distress feel relieved to have the chance to talk.

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