1. Gerard Turley says

    Penalties are a bug for everyone that plays this version! As most followers know Kev doesn't have many tactic options turned on. I just roll with get stuck in as the penalties will be given regardless….still love it though.👍🏔⚽️

  2. Jack Melham says

    I didn't know you had a twitch channel Kev… 😉

  3. Lunch at Marco's says

    I feel like your players that had big clubs in for them would be loaned out by them or would be sporadic squad players for a while but that doesn’t mean as a team you aren’t good

  4. Volen Chilov says

    Well here's my theory. Damian had had a Greek girlfriend so he rejected Arsenal to come back to Greece. But they've recently broken so now he is sad.

  5. Hyde Hill says

    You do remember you can preset roles per player in a different position right? You did it before. Will save you the De La Vega clicks every time.

  6. Hyde Hill says

    Yes mentor Damian but has to have at least 1 in group with more influence then him. Also do your best to have entire first team squad having good mental's. Check for the best personalities with ambition when chosing between mentors, not just determination. https://footballmanagerstory.com/football-manager-player-personality-guide-personalities-for-development/ for mentoring personalities

  7. ThreeRunHomer says

    Penalties are one of the ways FM uses to manipulate results. Much easier to program them into the game than manipulating open play (although that’s in there too).

  8. TSSpleef says

    Where is Damian from?

  9. Banjomike97 says

    Damian probably really frustrated that instead of going to Arsenal with a huge wage rise he went back on loan to greece for 6k a week

  10. Mads Hansen says

    United and penalties… smh

  11. WolfBetter says

    Sorry but I don't have time for twitch.

  12. becks6900 says

    4th wall destroyed. Nothing is real anymore…

  13. Freddie Findlow says
  14. JMThought says

    Give him a holiday, bring in someone really good to mentor him.

  15. JMThought says

    I love this save. I particularly like that against the odds the hero’s of the save Duffy and Damian keep returning home.

  16. Gav P says


  17. andrewstuarttaylor says

    Damian needs a holiday Back page news kev. Desperate Damian in Drama lol

  18. SolarRune says

    Is it actually better to finish 3rd in the greek super league, as you would have a better chance of getting through the qualifiers and giving Greece three teams in the knockout round??

  19. Jappleblom says

    Advice about Damian: sign and sell. Will get you a couple of good players that kind of money

  20. Joseph Banks says

    Just noticed that Every single game we player is on T.V

  21. João Fidalgo says

    Bring a model citizen to be with damian

  22. MrClayJohn says

    Not sure Arsenal being interested in Damian counts as interest from a Champions League club, does it?

  23. Charlie Barnicle says
  24. ledwards7890 says

    Good Ol' Dave

  25. Calzone Gaming says

    10:52 You’re training Damien as a left winger!

  26. shut the fuck up kyle says

    can't believe you said only Damian scores in big games after what Traore did in the club world cup

  27. Frank Tseng says

    Of course Man U gets a pen in the game too

  28. Calzone Gaming says

    0:20 I always wondered should it not be twitch.tv/lollujo as your graphic? Instead of twitch/lollujo

  29. Sean Jolly says

    In fairness to Big Damo, if my club said no to a 30 million pound move for me which would have increased my wages by seriously around 1000% and then sent me off to Greece again for the 5th year in a row, I'd be losing ambition to become any better too 😂

  30. Woah NoWay says

    what a draw! de gea with the shocker!

  31. Philipp Prosser says

    Loved the intro!

  32. RAMBO ALPHA says

    I can't stand pens in fm20. Way too frequent and it's always in some really shit circumstance where the ball has been taken to the byline and there is no reason to foul.

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