2 Chefs Test and Review Tik Tok Food Trends Vol. 2


Are you ready from some weird, wacky and strangely intriguing food trends?! Well, you’re in the right place! In this episode, James, Barry, Ben and Jamie get to work on testing out some of the most viral food trends circulating TikTok in 2020. From carrot bacon, to a weirdly satisfying egg sandwich, to an oddly named ‘cloud bread’, this video will leave you lost for words!

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Sending a MASSIVE thanks to a few of the TikTok creators out there who gave us inspo for these recipes:

Tabitha Brown:



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  1. idk wtever says

    Little video idea😅 huge fan of the channel, but a problem I often have with cooking channels id that they use alcohol/pork, which I cant eat cuz they are not Halal, which stops me from trying new recepies. I think it would be a nice video idea to show ways to replace ingredients in recipes to make it halal or vegan and even replacing ingredients that people are most commonly allergic to

  2. Jemimah e says

    Am I the only one who is confused about fridge cam now? Like how its not in a fridge anymore….

  3. Ari says

    Egg toastie sandwich with…gouda and bacon. Avocado, andouille, and mozz. Fried ham slice and American cheese. Veggie version with mushrooms and spinach. I’m starving…

  4. Dissociative Mark says

    The secret is toasting the bread in butter while pouring the egg around as to allow the bread to get crispy. The french toast aspect soggifies da bread. Cheesing the bread makes a soggy egg barrier. I will keep making it separated.

  5. Mighty PandaCat says

    Tried to find Ben on TikTokI feel like Ben would be a great first date, home cooked food, but we’d end up arguing about how to pronounce oregano. 🙃😂 love yalls vids

  6. rocklesson86 says

    You guys pronounce the H in herbs.

  7. Alexsis Engle says

    Video Suggestion from an old cookbook: Check out the good ol' haute cuisine cookbook "Le Cuisinier Francois" from 17th century France. Would love to see you have the chefs make Pet du Putain!

  8. 13thMaiden says

    I mean, imitation bacon bits are just 'textured vegetable proteins' (aka soy) that's been colored and mixed with liquid smoke, so I dunno why we can't call it carrot bacon. We've basically bastardized what bacon is (the original word is basically old german for 'ham' or 'buttock' even though our bacon doesn't even come from there) by now anyways, so lets just call anything similar to bacon 'bacon' 😀

  9. Saquatch Family says

    Why not do the "cloud bread" but with the blue food colouring add blueberry extract

  10. equitine _ says

    Ahhh Ebbers and his balls….

  11. Fermitu Poupon says

    I wholeheartedly agree with James. I don't have an issue with vegan or vegetarian products, but I don't trust things that blatantly lie on the packaging. I think things like Tartex, Quorn and Valess are great and very tasty. They advertise as an alternative for meat, but they actually advertise with what their product is, be it mushrooms, dairy, or vegetable based. But I refuse to buy things from "the vegan butcher" brand, who changed the writing on their packaging from "chicken bites" to "chikken bites" so they wouldn't get fined for false advertising as it now technically no longer claims to be chicken. If what you're selling is flavored and textured tofu chunks, just say so, don't lie to the customer about what you're selling. That's the hallmark of a snake oil salesman.

  12. Red B. says


  13. Paul Hayes says

    James redo the cloud bread

  14. Chloé Dixon says

    wait why did jamie and barry do a better job than ben and james…

  15. pablo just pablo says

    Carrots like that are already Sweet enough why put Maple Syrup on them?? Oh wait Americans of course!

  16. Finwolven says

    To add some crunch, maybe not flip the toast pieces in the yolk, and smear some butter or mayo on them. That way when they're on the pan after the flip, they'll crisp up a little more. Or just fill with bacon – or crunchy carrot slices. Or crispy, crunchy pickled cucumber maybe?

  17. oropher777 says

    Wait, is the egg sandwich guy the Tipsy Bartender?!

  18. Elizabeth Sullivan says

    That egg sandwich is beautiful!

  19. suziequzie says

    Ham and swiss

  20. Anaterka says

    I whole hearedly agree with the "don't call it bacon", it's not. Are veggies so undeserving, that we have to call it vague meat analogy? I can sorta get behind, when it's speciffically processed plant protein to imitate meat and it's nothing but a meat substitute but a carrot is it's own thing. If you don't eat meat, embrace it. There are plenty non-meat dishes that are marvelolus on their own and calling them something meaty does few things(though, i'm sure it's unintentional): diminishes it's independant value of the meal, excludes ppl that are not looking for weird vegan inventions but would otherwise love to learn how to make a tasty carrot snack(but well, you choose your own intended audience and vegan bacon is clickbaity enough for some) and in some weird way enforces a notion in our western society that meat is essential and when foregoing it you need to substitute it instead of happily enjoying your vegetarian diet.( sorry for the rant, i originally meant to write smth along the lines " carrot crisps yey, calling veggies bacon ney" and call it a day ^_^)

  21. MaidenVoyagee says

    James is so annoying with this "don't call this bacon unless it's real bacon" thing, why does it bother him so much what we call it? I live in France and our government made it illegal to call plant milk "milk" or vegan steaks "steaks", reminds me of that dumb law, he should relax it's not hurting anyone.

  22. Verechter says

    some fresh spinach and crispy bacon bits

  23. matthew mejia says

    yes, Smokey Maple Carrot Strips

  24. megan says

    Am I the only one who thought it was 'clown eggs' until this video?This makes so much more sense 😂😅

  25. Anna Hunt says

    My favorite video!! Please make more Tik Tok Food trends!! Also, use pre-toasted bread and don’t coat both sides in egg for some crunch! We absolutely love you guys, especially genuine James!

  26. Stettafire says

    10:00 Ok, that's my lunch for tomorrow. Although I second ben on the plastic cheese. Mozerella all the way!13:00 NVM, that but I may cook up a spicy pesto.

  27. Sara S says

    I really thought they were butchering the pronunciation of "andouille" 😀 I wonder if 'Nduja and anduoille are related?

  28. serdy ximi says

    a breakfast plate etc which is not something I would think of with crisps (mostly because i'm not intelligent and I've never had an original thought in my life haha!)

  29. Hans Kruse says

    The egg bread seems to be ancient Roman. Called wentelteefje in the Netherlands (rotating female dog).Used to make a bit stale bread edible again.https://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wentelteefje

  30. Katie Marshall says

    Idea for Pass it on: Have to make a meal and there are 5 staples that they guys can pick from to make a great family meal ( Potatoes, Meat, Vegetables, Cheese, Rice, Pasta etc) then each ahead of time picks an ingredient but cant tell the others what they picked. Then they can use limited seasoning and herbs to cook a family meal. Ideally you would have a good spread of meat, veg, sides but say if all 5 pick potatoes or 3 choose meat and no one picks veg that could be very interesting!

  31. KingGeedorah says

    for crispier vegetables out of the oven put some starch in the marinade. works like a charm. also don´t call it bacon if a thing is good it should have it´s own name.

  32. Micah del Carmen says

    Make tik tok viral videos gourmet!!

  33. william mcneil says

    hmm other ppl have done the foldy sandwich but they use ham and cheese or ham and jam

  34. Casey Ng says

    James basically a major thirst trap. That arm 🥺

  35. darkangeloftheearth4 says

    Next time, do quinces tavern.

  36. william mcneil says

    hmm i was thinking, for carrot bacon, you wold cut the carrots into slabs about 1 cm thick and then cook in brown suger and add salt, which would taste good but i dont think that is any way to make carrots like bacon, they have no fat in them.

  37. Stacilee C. says

    I love how the tipsy bartender was on ticktok making egg bread sandwiches….

  38. NonsensicalVids says

    "guess what its so easy to make"hate when they say stuff like that

  39. Anirudh Menon 17R205 says

    this egg sandwhich has been available since before instagram

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