1v1 Mini Basketball Tournament *MOPI GOES OFF*


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Video uploaded by
Kris London/Kristopher London/LSK/lskakarot
#2HYPE #Basketball #LSK

  1. Imagiraffe03 says


    Moochie: Just randomly hitting the row

  2. Zavion Williams says


  3. jose pages says

    Wtf does mushy mushy peeps mean

  4. Melissa Bailey says

    I love digiorno pizza

  5. Matthew Malone says

    Clickbait at its finest

  6. Manny Chevres says

    I’ve never seen anyone take out a pizza out the oven the way kris did 😂

  7. jr ishoda says

    mopi goes off shouldve put moochie goes off i was waiting for mopi and he just won one round

  8. Abs Xolar says

    Make that a jumpshot landing 2k

  9. II_jxw says

    U can say the intro is a Digiorno porno 🤣

  10. VN Clxpz says

    Jesser (Put any item in the world)
    Jesser: It do be slappin

  11. Young Savy says

    I've never seen him eat a full slice 🤔

  12. Rc-nitrokid2005 says

    Mopi just pisses me off to watch him 😂😂

  13. Michael Bagley says

    Mopi grinding for some dirty digorno

  14. Cherry Man says

    Mopi needs to fix how he shoots, it’s horrible

  15. Payton Morgan says

    That's clickbait mopi didn't go off

  16. Money Mason25 says

    Mopi never went off

  17. KJ_ Plays says

    Who tf cooks a pizza in the oven without a pizza pan

  18. Gabriel Owoh says

    When is the my career series continues

  19. Michael Kane says

    Who is watching this because 2hype reccomened it to us

  20. Typical Demon says

    I just had that yesterday it was good I had rising crust to

  21. Gabriel Rodríguez says


  22. Seb Bourel says

    Mopi didn’t even go of

  23. FateGoesCrazyy says

    Mopi hit that 2k animation

  24. Cristina Hernandez says

    Kris click ba

  25. Ocawildninja 2k says

    yall need to be in the NBA

  26. Calan Graves says

    The Only resin I clicked on this is mopi goes off

  27. YO BOI G0AT says

    Digorno is overated and too expensive

  28. Coothie is cool 23 says

    Kris don’t hog the pizza

  29. Antisocial Mc says

    Aye just to let y’all boys know mopi tried sucking me up in a motel 6 bathroom on 7th street at 2 am

  30. LT Hannah says

    i think that he is recording he does not share but he do share

  31. monique good says


  32. HolyKota says

    I’m the 1000th comment

  33. Matt Suarez says

    Bro Mitchell in the intro got me dedddd bruhhhh

  34. Miko Nouyiho says

    mopi goes off when

  35. Saba _Baller says

    Chris I need your help with the chat texting

  36. ice Clowdy says

    Moochie went off

  37. King Stets says

    Mopi: misses shot

    Kris: mopi goes off

  38. GTS_glock says

    Title should of been moochie goes off

  39. ptsd_mari 999 says

    Is it me or what the fuck is a mushi mushi peeps???

  40. Sean Gramlich says

    14:25 what the fuck was that kris

  41. WARRIOR 88 says

    He meant moochie goes off

  42. Dionisis CATSILIRAS says

    Mopi is Garbo

  43. Thomas Autrey says

    7:17 2k21 green landings??

  44. Thanos 24 official says

    I from italia

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