1. kedaar chendvankar says

    Stumps doing somersault😄

  2. Muhammad Noman says

    Akhtar To Flintoff During 2005 is the best ever bowled

  3. Suman Roy says


  4. subbareddy yettapu says

    That stomps are made in china

  5. Katakam Venkatesh says

    I feel Agarkar bowls stump flys is awesome with such a speed
    Which one you feels

  6. shijin raj says

    Where is sreesanth wicket

  7. CHHATRAPATI Maja Dev says

    All bowled very good but. S balaji and Anderson s bowler were so much good to see bcos they thrown stumps really so long almost 15ft

  8. Luck Fantasy says

    Looked the stump in Bala ji's ball 😲😲

  9. odain wisdom says

    This video is so racist……#BLM

  10. Salman Ahmed says

    मुनाफ पटेल और देल स्टेन का सबसे बेस्ट।

  11. zulfiqar sahito says

    Kisi gadhy k bachey ne upload ki h, whr is wasim, walsh, Ambrose, asif, bond, and tendulkar's golden duck bold by shoaib

  12. Virendra Bhati says

    Sound thandddDddd is outstanding.

  13. Pathak Abhinav s says

    Where is boom boom? And
    Bhuvi Kumar
    And malinga

  14. Pawan Kumar Rishi says

    James anderdon best

  15. Pawan Kumar Rishi says

    Ajit is very fast

  16. Abhi Jesus says

    Before I click 79k likes and after I klick 80k likes

  17. Anil Kumar says

    Nice video

  18. Rushed Khan says


  19. Smriti Jindal says

    U 19 indian bowler in thumbnail right?

  20. Mohan Raj says

    Like balaji two wicket in video

  21. QaDiR KhAn says

    Really miss these crowded grounds…..

  22. jitu says

    U didn't add Sachins wicket taken by allan Donald

  23. waseem seqekh says

    Shaun bond?

  24. keshav kumar says

    You have missed to add Waqar to Brain Lara.

  25. Shubh Shukla says

    Ajeet agar kar best

  26. Rana azeem says

    the best was 11 n 4…

  27. Ravi Prasad says

    Most of them are from Test cricket..Love to See test Cricket

  28. Ramesh Vastrad says

    Where is our wasim bhai

  29. BALRAM NAGRA says

    Flintop dikhana tha kya isme

  30. Diljaan Singh says

    The best was 04…..😂

  31. DAKSH OP says

    Dont Add Background audio Please
    It is Unpleasant 😖😥

  32. aditya yadav says

    Most distance flied by wickets…..
    Go to balaji

  33. Prem says

    Lakshmipathy Balaji, calm n cool

  34. S. P. says

    Anyone remember shami had broken the stumps….?

  35. Ravi Chopra says

    Quiet strange to find L Balaji featuring and Stuart broad missing.

  36. PRAVEEN KUMAR U J says

    Dale steyn was awesome

  37. JON SNOW says

    3.4k People Who Thinks That Disliking These Kind Of Videos Is An Talent…..💩🤢💩🍌

  38. Thala Gaming says

    Chillakkki dummaa

  39. tarun60 says

    Off cutter from Anderson and Balaji is treat for eyes.

  40. showket hussain says

    Balaji didn't got what he deserved

  41. Sharp Shooter Gaming says

    0:30 best❤️❤️❤️

  42. Ghazi Tv says

    Wow! What a cricket these guys have given to us…seriously hatsoff to them, specially Flintoff against Aussies in the Ashes, Boys…..He is a man!!!!!

  43. Khan Attik says

    Yes correct what a sound when the ball hits the stumps

  44. kashmiri sufi lover says

    Lol, where is mohammad Asif

  45. Sarthak Srivastava says

    1:20 every ea sports cricket 2007 legend will recognize this scene

  46. Srinivasan Velu says

    Lakshmipathy Balaji🔥🔥🔥

  47. om80sman says

    Not sure who compiled this list but both Balaji wickets were ordinary deliveries and only went through because of 3rd class batting. If you make a pace bowler bowl at bare wickets, what is the big deal about wickets knocked over???

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