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The leading ladies, heroines, and bombshells of the movies have captivated us ever since film’s first flicker. We review a century’s worth of iconic screen sirens with help from the talented and beautiful Olivia Culpo. ★ MOVIE TITLES BELOW

★ { Model } Olivia Culpo

1910’s: Cleopatra | actress: Theda Bara
1920’s: Ben-Hur | actress: May McAvoy
1930’s: The Wizard of Oz | actress: Judy Garland
1940’s: Casablanca | Ingrid Bergman
1950’s: The Seven Year Itch | actress: Marilyn Monroe
1960’s: Breakfast at Tiffany’s | actress: Audrey Hepburn
1970’s: Grease | actress: Olivia Newton-John
1980’s: Flashdance | actress: Jennifer Beals
1990’s: Clueless | actress: Alicia Silverstone
2000’s: Legally Blonde | actress: Reese Witherspoon
2010’s: Black Swan | actress: Natalie Portman

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  1. The Joker says

    She cant dress herself?

  2. Szklana147 says

    Audrey Hepburn <3

  3. MITRA says

    1970s was literally the best.

  4. Alice Eve says

    It would be interesting to see 100 years of women in film

    White American edition
    African american edition
    Asian American
    Hisapnic and so on… I'd love to see the differences and similarities

  5. Delson Galasinao says

    Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffany's.

  6. ŤhūndērWølfGächā .-. says

    *screaming in bisexual

  7. saakshi karkera says

    request for 100years of indian outfits💜

  8. Vasil Neca says

    Boy wear armor helement uniform army best fashion 😀

  9. Kevin Tu says


  10. Agus martowardojo says

    1950 like a Marilyn Monroe

  11. Sofía Carrión says

    2010's : Harley Quin
    i mean , seriusly , everybody was wering her outfut for halloween , EVERYBODY !!!!!!

  12. Sara Al says

    Her body is so beautiful

  13. RImi singh says

    Omg she is so prityy

  14. 王盛槐 says


  15. FRIENDLY HERO says

    This model is super sexy and curvy

  16. Sherwin says

    That 1990s movie icon was the best.

  17. Susmita Pakhira says

    Everything is fine but how could you forget rose looks from Titanic movie

  18. Gunel Memmedova says

    1960 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Kenma Kozume says

    1930s Dorothy

  20. Neetha Salian says


  21. Tushar Patki says

    2:21 I think I am falling in love damn

  22. Harish Chavda says

    very good collection

  23. Wojtek Gall says


  24. andy enrique bravo olascoaga says

    2000 Harry Potter Emma Watson

  25. ᄒ•10년전 says

    woW Beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. Mr. T-GAMER says

    I like the 1940 & 1950 Fashion

  27. Ryland Ross says

    Guys don’t u understand the lady wore the same underwear for 100 years

  28. Alejandro Rodríguez says

    1940 <3

  29. s a t i n e says

    what’s the song in 1:15?

  30. Sophia Sanders says

    These outfits are sooo good! Except for 2010s, could've done a better one I think. She is STUNNING!!!!

  31. Jyoti Krishna Productions says


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