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Exposure to secondhand smoke continues to be a serious health problem in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have a comprehensive smokefree policy. The benefits of smokefree bars and clubs are clear, and an overwhelming majority of Oklahoman’s realize this.
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  1. Gamer Gamer says

    I not going to let people smoke in my pizzeria. If they try do, I will kick them out.

  2. Jim Hall says

    I dont smoke. I worked in restaurants for years and how about this:

    Get over yourselves. This isnt just your world. Other people live here too. If you dont like cigarette smoke, get a job where people arent smoking. Youve managed to ban it from everywhere but a few bars. At what point is enough? When no one is allowed, BY YOU, to smoke at all? Im Native American. My ancestors carried a Chanupa, prayer pipe, filled with tobacco, willow bark, dogwood tree bark scrapings, and flowers wherever they went. We didnt wine and complain and dictate how everyone else should live their lives because we didnt feel that we were entitled to do such a narcissistic and selfish thing. We understood that life is not ours, but everyones.
    If you dont want to breathe smoke, then how bout being in the 95 percent of space youve gotten it banned?

  3. Taylor Allen says

    Take this off!

  4. Cancer Cactus says

    No tobacco ends with cco

  5. Satmax says

    According to this video, second-hand smoke is only bad for those who willingly work in places that allow people, away from non-smokers, to smoke. I'm a former smoker, can't stand the smell of cigarettes anymore. But, I recognize that there are still people out there that do smoke and they should have their own place to rewind and relax with a cigarette. There should not be a law restricting bars that want to allow smoking. The free market should decide if this bar gets business, not because you're afraid of second-hand smoke from a bar you'll never visit.

  6. Marcy Carson says

    This 'tobacco stops with me'… is hypocritical to the max. It's ok.. you are free to have tobacco stop with you. You have NO BUSINESS demanding that 'Tobacco stops with me', for everyone. We are not Fascists, stop this anti-American bullying. You don't want tobacco..fine, everyone accepts that, but you have NO RIGHT telling anyone that they must do what you are doing. This is America, not Italy before WWII.

  7. Taylor Allen says

    I hate your commercials so much take them off

  8. PlagueRat Styxx says

    Or non smokers could go find different work no one is holding a gun to that waitresses head. Non smokers need to step off if they really cared about being healthy they would target fastfood & soda companies with the same annoying passion.

  9. Taylor Allen says

    We need 100% organic tobacco not these toxic things they sell

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