10 Video Games That Were Outdated BEFORE They Launched


Chasing a trend? It’s already passed you by.

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  1. yashwin raj says

    THE TOP 10 LISTS IN COMMENTS ARE DYING I AM LOOKING WHOLE COMMENTS SECTION AND DIDN'T EVEN FIND WHO LISTS THE TOP 10 SO I AM SAVING IT LIKE THIS :10. Radical heights09. Assassin's Creed Rogue08. Rocket Arena07. Godfall06. Borderlands 305. The last guardian04. Agents of mayhem03. Marvel's Avengers02. Duke Nukem Forever01. AnthemI am not asking to like just asking to make the video lists so others can follow you this can help many busy people to save time

  2. Emanuele B says

    Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake

  3. CDBookManGaming says

    Get ready for the PS5 and XBox Series One X: More bland games with BETTER SHADOWS AND FRAMERATES!! Oh yeah, and microtransactions.

  4. wesley kanyeria says

    How is Godfall outdated? Outdated means the mechanics are no longer used in games. Dark Souls, looter, are mechanics that are still used. I mean if Godfall is here then so is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Remnant From The Ashes and every single Dark Souls looter like game

  5. toguro max says

    Me, watching the video. "Now, Duke Nukem forever", enters the YouTube ads… I felt some kind of irony of having to wait even longer in order to see anything about 'Forever…

  6. Jesterhead2380 says

    Grinding to be leveled up?Welcome to every PS1 RPG

  7. ScreaminSeahawk says

    “Spoiled by Fortnite”???? 😂🤣😅

  8. Pratyush Raj Shukla says

    Where is Bleeding-Edge?

  9. Michael Clay says

    Every time people other than me talk about Rogue they praise it. Am I tripping cause I thought “I Make My Own Luck: The Game” was easily the worst in the franchise.

  10. SpiderKnives says

    You cannot possibly think Duke Nukem Forever is the poster-child of half-baked underdeveloped practical-vaporware games in a world that has Daikatana in it.

  11. jacob drolet says

    Amazing video and I click on the video so fast seeing the avengers game as click bait and I love agents of mayhem and anthem. I should get back into anthem very soon also it’s been a year half it’s time to let rest the game anthem lets all it’s fault and problem, looks on the bright side of things we got best thing out of EA is that kickass Star Wars Jedi fallen orders game too etc. Fantastic job on the video what culture gaming

  12. bigjake423 says

    Almost every comparison was “Just Like Destiny.”

  13. Delmar Frazier says

    Wow a game where you have to push a button😂

  14. Cian Martyn says

    3-5 yeahs … lol

  15. David Kalmykov says

    Kingdom Come deliverance: Great game that is outdated on many levels

  16. Wesley Colvin says

    This is definitely one of the more 'snob' oriented lists. You spend the first few minutes defending the industry for creating outdated games because games take so long to create, then proceed to bitch about games feeling outdated after they took so long to create. I do agree with some on your list (like BL3), but one or two glaringly outdated mechanics (Marvel's Avengers, for example) shouldn't be seen as a dealbreaker for enjoyment. Again, games take a while to make. The industry itself can change overnight.

  17. leonard hardy says


  18. harry hayden says

    Fifa fifa and fifa

  19. Mike Fox says

    It's a shame not more people played AC: Rogue – It has a great story!

  20. IchbinPeter says

    I actually really like the avengers game.

  21. Steve Kirkendall says

    I actually enjoyed Rogue and Avengers

  22. Timothy Oswald says

    Talking trash about Anthem is kind of outdated.

  23. the main man says

    Where is fast and furious crossroads?

  24. Jason Moore says

    Wait I love this channel but wasn’t Scott saying he loved avengers when the beta was out?

  25. 9latinum Studioz says

    U just said ppl rather have loot boxes then knocked a game for it 🤷

  26. Rx Doom says

    Tokyo Ghoul for sure

  27. Wesley Ousley says

    I like cheese

  28. Travis Fullen says

    radical heights was so good, shame it got cut soooo short

  29. Seth Feather Earring says

    What do you MEAN Borderlands 3 is “OUTDATED”? Wasn’t it the reason why it’s good?

  30. Sneaky_Sly123 says

    Am i the only person who kinda likes avengers?

  31. Jon Bloor says

    Duke nukem forever was an ace game though

  32. Grant Zeebroek says

    Borderlands 3 is by far the best I. The franchise from an exploration, levelling and gameplay standpoint. Avengers is also fantastic and just plain fun. Terrible list purely made to hate on games for no real reason other than to get click bait views and to appeal to the blithering masses

  33. masterjewboy says

    80% of this list is games that are overwatch/fortnite clones with worse graphics. You just picked Duke Nukem apart for being Duke Nukem.

  34. Jeremy Graham says

    Borderlands 3 is a great game. And it’s the best Borderlands installment

  35. Stefano Butera says

    Borderlands 3 's story and humor are terrible yes but gameplay is awesome

  36. Mikri Arktos says

    I was so hyped for Marvels Avenger, so I pre ordered it, for the deluxe edition … It is the most boring game I have ever played. I don't get any joy playing and will not finish it. I regret buying it. Mistakes were made

  37. Black Knives Matter says

    People are too ungrateful and overly critical on certain games

  38. joe dem elfie says

    Ac rogue is a top 5 ac Game in my opinion based on evidence. Very well done. Should get more love.

  39. Common Sense Sports says

    There's a bunch of sponsorships in the avengers game because all of the content is free in the future. It's a live service game that's meant to be played online and has a continuing story like the comics do. Each character that's going to be released is going to have a story that already continues the story that you played through. There's also a variety of missions and enemies if you do vaults, hives, sabotages, villains, control, points, and assualts. There's also a bunch of exotic gear and artifacts you can get to prepare for the raids they are going to start implementing soon. They also have content dropping every month with a new hero and story arch. The game just came out and all of the stuff in game can be earned for free. I've played the game for 5 days straight and am having tons of fun. I guess it's not for everyone but the amount of hate the game is getting based on the complaints is way too exaggerated. Since it's live service the game will constantly have updates. The only problem right now are the bugs but they are already putting out patches.

  40. .六本指ジャスパー says

    10 games that maybe rereleased with the title “All DLC included” Complete edition

  41. xamon 2 says

    Imagine if avengers just released and was a full game like Spiderman not chopped up n sold as "cosmetics" keep it in your free to play! Full price games should be whole! They would have sold alot more copy's if it just kept its integerty

  42. Charlie Brown says

    I loved Borderlands 3…until they started "Balancing" it….Borderlands cut it's teeth, much like Diablo, by letting the player break the game with builds.When three of my characters had their builds nerfed into the ground, I dropped out. I've tried going back with some of the major updates, but it's just lost its charm.I want the old, broken, Borderlands experience that 3 had at launch.

  43. Ironman 5000 says

    They felt outdated before before launch or being played?? That's what you said and you're reviewing if after playing it, or at least regurgitating something you read on reddit. This channel used to be cool.

  44. MrSexyloser33 says

    Not sure why everyone hates on anthem it's a good game and I know I very much enjoy playing it

  45. John Foreman says

    Im into grinding for leveling and getting loot. I hate lootbox style games because i dont wanna have to be doing constant micro transactions. Should be about skill and time not money

  46. W. Devarien says

    Compared to other games on this list, Duke Nukem meant well. They wanted to break ground like they had with 3D but just couldn’t keep up with the rapidly changing video game tech. Also, DNF didn’t have loot boxes. And is available on Mac.

  47. An Account says

    Is Avengers great? EhIs it that bad? Not even close. 2020 is about living in extremes. People either love or despise. It's kind of silly. Happens with movies, too.

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