10 Things WE MISS From OLD Racing Games


As video games get newer, features get better – However that’s not always the case, especially with racing games – So here are 10 Things We MISS From Old Racing Games.

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  1. games king says

    this is a right one make racing games hard

  2. GearHead says

    Remember at main menu or in game pressing Buttons in a certain orderAnd unlocking cheats Aahhh the good old days

  3. mohammed ahmed says

    Story in driver San Francisco was the best story ever

  4. TheJDMdriver says

    Yuwan, if I don’t like the video will my mum turn into my dad?

  5. Hamza Liban says

    3:57 now crew 2 will have it

  6. Adam Lebazda says

    Midnight clib is still cancel soz

  7. MDZ786 says

    Yuwan is not easy to be a Developer.

  8. Stormtracker 189 says

    I miss the groove music option for Horizon 3

  9. C9 Viper says


  10. oi, iz me says

    If forza horizon 5 isn't perfect… idk what will be

  11. rb26 dett says

    You forgot the most important one cutscenes

  12. Aditya Pratap Mehta says

    i don't agree with you about the missions,forza already has hundreds of missions in it with the horizon story

  13. Jival Singh says

    I’m loving the new variety of gameplay in your videos 🔥

  14. Jt Ayyaz says

    Awesome videos

  15. Shadow7 says

    If you play valorant his voice is just like phoenixe

  16. Vincent Popham says

    I miss tdu2

  17. Seema Jasola says

    Bruh I am indian and I have watched all your videos please play Need for speed Most wanted 2012 it is based on new york nice cars ,elevations and download all DLC probably illegally,it also has tunnels😏

  18. Vicius says

    Ok I see a lot of GTA SA fanboys in the comments. I wonder if these people have ever tried the game. Even finished it. All these "kids" do is go on gta youtuber's channel and crack "Follow the train" jokes. You all are unfunny. 90% of GTA San Andreas fanbase is just kids who can't afford GTA 5 and don't know how good GTA IV Trilogy is. Like, imo, GTA IV is the peak of any GTA. The storyline, the Darkness and blend to reality. It is far better than GTA San Andreas. You will literally hear this when you argue with a GTA SA fanboy, "Bro its my childhood game how dare you disrespect it". Like yea, its my childhood game too, but I don't let my nostalgia cover the actual truth that GTA IV > GTA V > GTA SA. Please just grow up and stop fighting with people who acctually know their things. Please stop fanboying GTA SA. Peace

  19. Furry Scythe says

    You need to turn back the clock a bit and read some reviews from older racing games with the "progression". Plenty of critics were bored with each and every new game feature a very slow and somewhat dull career mode where you start with standard cars. So, i honestly don't see what the big issue is in developers more & more feature sportier versions of regular cars.

  20. Even plays games says

    The crew 2 is gettin air suspension

  21. MexicanusPrime says

    The style of progression in nfs mw 2005 is the reason I still play it to this day

  22. charles oliver says

    i wish forza had motorcycles

  23. Insert Name says

    I dont agree with the standard cars point. I prefer having cool race spec cars. Whenever forza add these boring cars its such a let down

  24. marcos arce says

    Horizon needs help, new map expansion with sick mountain roads plz

  25. _ kuratchi _ says

    I sucked at the speed trap races in TDU2 lol

  26. YouTubeXWolf says

    I won’t forza to add wifebody mustangs

  27. Yo Boi says


  28. Bahlelelwe Ndzinisa says

    Me:lets crash this boiii!! Yuwan: your a child stop it

  29. JohnsonvilleF221 says

    where is the horror movie

  30. Irsyad Kus Hadianto says

    Please play gt4 again

  31. Radin GeekGaming says

    I honestly think Forza Horizon 2 was far better than Forza Horizon 4.It was way more fun yet SO much simpler and the graphics are just as good on an HD TV.

  32. Azan Ali says

    Antilag button in FH4 is what I saw in my dream last night.

  33. Arjay Plays says

    I wish we would get pink slip kind of races.

  34. Kaah Oliva says

    I miss how the games are way harder to get things.. i remember that i chosse a bad starter car when i play tokyo xtreme racer drift 2 i have to struggle with it until i have enought money and progress to buy a "okay" car, it was just wonderful..

  35. Aiden Hossain says


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