[1.7.2-1.10] How to Change Background Music, Records, and Sounds in Minecraft


Please click here for a better tutorial:

Do not watch this tutorial. There is an updated one in the link above!

Hello! In this video I provide a tutorial on how to change the background music, records, and sounds in Minecraft. I have been wanting to make a video version of this tutorial from the blog version of it. If you need more info from me check the comment I posted. Thanks for choosing this video, I hope this helps!

Important links:

.OGG Audio Converter:

.McMeta Pack:

Check out these channels (I encourage you to follow all the media listed below):



Planet Minecraft:

Texture Pack:


Music in this video is supplied from C418 (Chiptune and Melodic music)



Music in this video is supplied from Big Giant Circles (Chiptune and Electronic music)




Thanks for watching!

  1. Gealx3 says

    Better tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6S0pAQzXW4&feature=youtu.beif you get stuck or your pack doesn't work, please tell me what you're confused about. If you are really lost, send the pack to me privately, this is the easiest way for it to be fixed. Message me on my Google+ profile and send it (mediafire, dropbox, ect.)

  2. Fishing4Data says

    15:58 pewdiepie wouldn't copyright it, he's too niceI'm gonna do this btw with pewdiepie's song wish me luck

  3. Tazman says

    Plz help the sound pack isn’t showing up in the resource pack selection menu

  4. i sip on sauce says

    did not work >(! but im not angry. ll try again if not work then…..

  5. Frod_P says

    When I try to download the sound pack, it always do that thing were out asks you if you wasn't to go to this site, and im not sure out it's a virus. can someone help?

  6. Drago says

    At 4:00 minutes the music sounds like it's from paper Mario the thousand year door

  7. Maria Ungurean says

    I do not have the ''virtual'' folder in my ''assets''.

  8. NoBarely says

    Nice video it helped me a lot and also I'm wondering how u got ur mine craft to be a diamond. 😀

  9. Jozefu Hašiš says

    It says that I can choose only one option, but I haven`t picked any of them.

  10. Solomon Dale says

    I instead opened the "resource" file went to the "music" and "newmusic" file and tried replacing the background music with other ogg files, but minecraft still plays the same old music……………..

  11. Danial Gaming says

    Lel I just pick some awesome songs on youtube. Some of you guys might know Element (Animation,Block by Block) (DanTDM, We are never ever going to the nether) and lot more hahaha

  12. Logan Krant says

    I have a problem. I made the resource pack and I'm using it with Flows HD but it plays both mc music along with the music I chose. How can I change that? There aren't any sound files in Flows HD so..?P.S. What's the song at the beginning plsk

  13. Dn_Denn says

    if you have FL studio you can just make a ogg file.

  14. Agent Pluto says

    mine doesn't have a "virtual" folder.

  15. Doc Robs says

    I dont hear any noise from it now… i read through some comments and other people had the same problem. u told one guy to reconvert the song and i tried that and still nothing… Do you have any other ideas? very nice guide by the way:)

  16. HadjiS says

    Nice thanks! 🙂

  17. Jakueb Tootleboops says

    You wasted all of my goddamn time when I saw it was AdFly. And if that was your goal, then mission accomplished.

  18. LyndseyUwU says

    thx 4 wasting my time

  19. Alwin Winter says

    Sorry? My ressource pack just does'nt show up in minecraft. Help?

  20. AtherMaster says

    Could I have any help? I am trying to add music to my records, but the music wont play. Ive tried pretty much any 1.8+ video on this and it still wont work. Any help?

  21. Theory Tale says

    when i want to create a ZIP file this happens: 1. i select the 3 things 2. i click my right mouse button 3. i dont see "add to file" WHY?!

  22. Mishka says

    Is it possible to add songs by renaming one something like calm4 ?

  23. PaLs! Smae says

    Does your pack have the json file working?

  24. John Bowker says

    I don't even have a virtual folder

  25. André Mendoza says

    I got the pack working now. But there's one issue, when I enter a world go to the main title screen and then enter the world again (or another world) the music overlaps

  26. André Mendoza says

    There's nothing in my virtual folder

  27. FlightSim TV says

    umm, why do you have Windows Vista?

  28. Azuriti says

    When I load the texture pack in 1.9.2, it says that it's incompatible. How do I fix this?

  29. Chancelor Guerra says

    Whenever I try to play the music it wouldn't play…No noise would happen…

  30. Rayray72Jr says

    i went into minecraft and the resource pack is not there

  31. Venom says

    0:00 – 00:10 What music ??

  32. nukiruki says

    I did the same but it isn't working, help!

  33. Midnight Shadow says

    Mine isn't working ;-; I've tried everything, copied what u did word for word, but still get an error. I have no clue why :(Btw, I haven't modified any songs except the one in 'game' and 'menu'https://www.dropbox.com/s/hj3qcgf2iscro9a/Midnight%27s%20RESOURCE_PACK.rar?dl=0

  34. Cloud Wolf says

    Just letting you know, this doesnt work for 1.9 since they changed records to use .mus files.

  35. Mike Kotecki says

    There's no Virtual folder.

  36. Just Chillin says

    i dont have any of those in my assets folder….

  37. xd says

    Don't do it its a virus.

  38. Isaac Anthony says

    When j try to play a music disc I here nothing

  39. Isaac Anthony says

    When I open virtual I don't have anything in it

  40. Banana Pancakes Gaming says

    thanks this video really helped:D

  41. SpooderChicken says

    Thanks man, I've seen quite a few tutorials on this and they usually leave out the game folder. This was very helpful, thanks.

  42. Fanial says

    lol i change the calm background song with undyne fight song(from undertale). when i open the game,the BG song just make me want to pvp someone xD. still thx for your tutorial,it work:)

  43. Dakota Khan says

    i tried to do what the video said, i thought i was successful but when i put on the resource pack, the music i had did not play

  44. Aidan Serviss says

    OKay, so I did everything, I don't know how to convert an text file from notepad into an mcmeta file so I copy and pasted one from another texture pack I use, and it still isn't wokring. Here's the folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vdcawm5y6efvbbq/AADw9NHrSp5pWPiJ-iecqGopa?dl=0

  45. _ManLlama_ says


  46. kjemradio says

    Okay here is one for you. I am going to create an MC map of an old PS1 game I loved from back in the 90s.As my example. Say I am in City A, then "City A" music should play. But if I go into Cave B, then "Cave B" music needs to play instead. There are 26 pieces of music (one for each location) that I need to make happen.Would I need to create a different folder for the resource pack (like ones used for The End, The Nether, etc) and place the music file in there? Also how would I trigger the music change for each location? It is an open world map essentially. In the actual game each location had a loading screen (like it is still done). So my thought was use portals (linked to each location) and a command block to launch the music that needs to be played.Thanks, and I hope that my question and thoughts were easy to understand.

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