02- What Is Stored Program Concept In Computer Architecture And Organization in HINDI


Stored Program Concept In Computer Architecture and Organization :

The first electronic computer built out of vacuum tubes and relays based on Stored Program Concept in which in memory for use by machine in processing data.
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02-Introduction to Store Program Control Concept

03-Von-Neumann Model

04-General Purpose System

05- What Is Parallel Processing

06-Flynn’s classification

07-SISD- Single Instruction Single data

08-SIMD- Single Instruction Multiple Data

09-MISD- Multiple Instruction Single Data

10-MIMD- Multiple Instruction Multiple Data

11- Digital Logic


07- Flynn’s Classification Of Computers | SISD | Single Instruction Single data Stream

08- Flynn’s Classification Of Computers | SIMD | Single Instruction Multiple Data

09- Flynn’s Classification Of Computers | MISD | Multiple Instruction Single Data

10- Flynn’s Classification Of Computers | MIMD | Multiple Instruction Multiple Data


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