भारतीय सैनिकों का खाना कैसा होता है ? | Indian Army Food Kitchen


भारतीय सैनिकों का खाना कैसा होता है ? | Indian Army Food Kitchen
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today in this video see about indian army food kitchen lots of people wants know about indian army ka khana top trending topic in india

what do indian army eat?
1,440 crore annually to procure and supply dry ration such as wheat, rice, dal, tea, sugar, oil, tinned stuff, etc. and fresh ration like fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, etc. for the Indian troops.

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Is non veg compulsory for indian army?
No, it is not. The food in all Indian Army messes (including training academies, Unit messes, Regimental Centres etc) will include both vegetarian and non-veg fare. … I’ve observed that a few officers who have been vegetarians for religious reasons do start eating non-veg after some time in the Army.

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