किसानो के लिए ख़ास मशीन | Top Farming Agricultural Earth auger machine for farmers


Chhibber Agri Machinery
We deal with sales, services and spare parts of all kinds of agricultural machinery.
Please call us on +91-9915500727 for your any inquiries
Ayaan Chhibber

  1. Chandra Pakal says

    Give me number please

  2. Vinod Bordia says

    Kitne ki he mera mobile no. 9425328377 he

  3. Pappujaat Pappu says

    Kimt btaey sit

  4. Anand Daskar says

    Hi sir nice 🙏..good invention for farmer

  5. Sanjay Sahu says

    इस मशीन का क्या कीमत है बताये मो न 8120333113


    Price addres wp 9952106026

  7. Bhagwat keer Bhagwat keer says

    Muje parched karani contect call me sar 8319171470

  8. Ningarajrr 12 says

    Hi sir please details for machineAnd price

  9. Anand rao Sunkara says

    ఆ రోజు నుంచి అవకాశం ఉంది

  10. Siraj Wahab says

    Bai kithne rupye


    कीमत कितनी है ????

  12. Nukala Venkat Reddy says

    Good.Call me 9848796333Need to purchase

  13. Vikramsinh Parmar says

    What is the price ??

  14. Jaya Surya says

    Very brilliant idea 👌👍

  15. rao narender says

    Very nice

  16. Sant Lal says

    Very castly machine

  17. fadadu kevin says

    Kitne ka hai yeh auger???

  18. Tushar mehta films says

    Kaint aa 22 main jedi thode kolo litti c onne tah sira hi karta kam da

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